Our IT Infrastructure and security services ensures that your application landscape remains secure and robust, with little to no downtime.

How we do it:

  Assess your as-is application landscape

  Identify areas where IT infrastructure can be made more efficient

  Devise strategies (including cloud migration) to reduce your IT infra complexity

  Identify the vulnerabilities in your apps

  Identify misconfigured technologies

  Identify vulnerable components across your IT landscape

  Develop strategies to remove the vulnerabilities

  Give you our tactical expertise to create a secure IT infrastructure for your business

Our expertise:
Cloud Assessment and Migration

At Connects Technologies we are committed to developing and infrastructure that gives you the best outcomes in your business. Setting up your IT infrastructure in the cloud is cost-effective, no doubt but it takes a few steps:

  As-Is assessment of your data landscape using best-in-class assessment tools

  Determining which are the components of your IT that can be migrated to cloud

  Determining cost benefits

  Developing the migration strategy along with you

  Implementing the customized cloud migration strategy

  Automation strategies implemented

  Making the systems stable

Why Cloud Migration:

  Significant infrastructure cost reduction. Cloud technologies allows your business to access required digital resources on demand. Easier to upscale or downscale as per need.

  Improves operational efficiency. Seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise architecture. Upgrade to more efficient systems without hassles.

  Enhances data security by applying robust and compulsory authentication-based data access.

  Speeds up application and services deployment

  Helps your business strengthen employee collaboration and ability to securely engage with remote employees

  Ensure business continuity by leveraging the cost-effectiveness of disaster recovery systems in cloud technologies

  Reduction in IT infrastructure complexity leads to gains in keeping operating costs down

Zero Trust security architecture and controls

Zero Trust is a security architecture in which every person and device that is trying to access the resources of your network has to be verified. The security model is such that the verification is always compulsory.

Once your business is on the cloud, then need of security increases manifold. Although it may seem complicated upfront, Zero Trust architecture operates on a simple principal.

Whether the access request is from within the network or outside the network, no one is given access based on trust. Authentication must be done. All access is always controlled.

There is no single technology is associated with Zero Trust. The architecture can be developed using different technologies and strategies< At Connects Technologies, we do the as-is assessment of your application landscape and then along with you, we develop the security model including access limits and controls.

Why Connects Technologies for your IT infrastructure and security needs?


  Cost effective solutions

  We customize our solutions for your business

  Transparent process

  You are always part of our strategy decisions

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can make your IT processes less complex and geared to producing best business outcomes for you.

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