Enterprise Architecture helps you seamlessly integrate your different business processes through careful analysis and planning of what technologies best suit your needs and then implementing the technologies without disrupting your current business operations.

At Connects Technologies, we provide expert, best-in-class Enterprise Architecture Services that combines the best in latest technology and Enterprise Architecture strategy development to help you implement seamless integration of your business processes.


  In-depth analysis

  Thorough planning

  Hassle-free implementation

  Customized solution

  Seamless integration

Why you need Enterprise Architecture Services

Change is the reality of any organization. Markets change, financial ecosystems change, consumer needs change. Keeping up with the changes through changes in business strategy is essential for any organization to continue and sustain the business.

Enterprise Architecture helps you to comprehensively devise strategies that help achieve these changes across your organization, with the help of exhaustive analysis, strategy design, thorough planning and seamless implementation.

At Connects Technologies, we combine our expertise in Enterprise Architecture with the best-in-class technologies to help your business stay ahead at all times.

Vision & Roadmap

We help you align technology to your vision for your business – where you are and where you want to be. Our Enterprise Services ensure that the technologies we implement are best suited for your business growth. We take the time to fully understand your business roadmap before we design the enterprise solution for you.


Our enterprise design strategy will always ensure that your business processes can be seamlessly integrated with the technology that is required to take your business to the next level. You will always be part of our strategy building process.

Point of views

Your business stakeholders will all have different needs and have different interests when it comes to what they want from your Enterprise Architecture. Connects Technologies uses the latest Enterprise Architecture tools to develop a systematic approach to capturing, creating and managing the different viewpoints from different stakeholders.

Our toolset includes:

  Model Views

  Relationship Matrix

  Specification Manager

  Working sets

  Roadmap Diagrams


  Visual Filters

  Image Manager

Information Governance

Connects Technologies will also help you develop your strategy for managing and maintaining your information. Our information governance strategy will be based on what risk the information presents and what is the value of the information to the organization.

We will help you set up an information governance system that ensures and establishes a consistent and logical framework for employees to handle data. We will help you set up your information governance procedures and related policies.

Why you need information governance?

  Legal compliance

  Operational transparency

  Reduce legal expenditures

  Guide behavior of employees with respect to electronically stored information (ESI)

Our information governance services cover:

  Record Management

  Information security and Management

  Data governance

  Risk Management


  Archiving and storage

  Knowledge management


  IT data management

  Business Intelligence

  Disaster Recovery And more

We are conversant and fluent in laws and regulations pertaining to Information Governance in the USA, EU, Middle East, and other territories.

Our knowledge of governance tools includes:





  IBM Data Governance


  Clearswift Information Governance Server


  Cloudera Enterprise



  Customized management solutions Application Management

At Connects Technologies, we are well-versed and technically equipped to equip you with the best enterprise application management strategies. We will help you set up the best practices for optimizing and governing your software application inventory and help you achieve your business objectives.

How we do it?

  Documenting all your applications – past, present and future

  Identify and automate application service lifecycles

  Understanding and organizing your applications according to business capability

  IT components go into IT stacks

  We grade the functional and technical value of applications

Why go for Application Management systems?

  Cost savings. It can save up to $2 million according to some estimates.

  Retire unused applications. Reduce maintenance costs.

  Optimize licenses and save licensing costs

  Reduce infrastructure costs

  Identify capital for reinvestment

  Direct more of your IT budget for optimization and automation rather than just maintenance

Our methods

  Cloud native strategies

  Reduce security and compliance issues

  Optimize costs

  Make processes more efficient using lean principles and frameworks

  Adopt strategic platforms for reporting

  Reduce IT complexity, improve transparency and collaboration between IT and business

  Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

  Reduce technological gaps

  Integrate application networks

Why choose Connects for your Enterprise Architecture needs?

  Leverage our cost-friendly expertise

  Improve business outcomes through robust practices

  We put the customer first

  All our processes are transparent

At Connects, we are dedicated to improving your business outcomes through our best-in-class solutions

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