Connects Technologies provides an entire host of data services ranging from developing a data management strategy to implementing AI and advanced analytics.

How Connects develops your data management model:

  Identify and assess your current data management system

  Work with you to develop a data management strategy that works best for your business

  Define and implement a data governance model

  Data management tools and technologies

  Build the enterprise data platform

  Define the strategy and framework for the advanced analytics and artificial intelligence

  Implement data science and AI use cases What you get from us

  Assessment reports

  Data governance models

  End to end data management solutions

  Ready to use product

Why you need data management services?

Every business deals with sizable amounts of data. Digital data requires as much management as paper- based data whether it is for efficient storage or retrieval or whether it is for using the data to collate some business-useful information.

At Connects Technologies, we aim to develop a solution that is uniquely suited to your business.

Data Governance Model

To ensure a seamless functioning of your business processes, a data governance model is a must. Data governance is a system that defines who in your organization has access and authority over which data. The governance model also decides how these data assets will be used. Setting up a data governance model requires us to develop a framework which encompasses the people, technologies and business processes that are required to manage and protect data assets.

Data Management Strategy

We work with you to understand your needs completely. Our solutions ensure that there is no data loss for you and that data flow is not restricted while the new management system is being put in place. Your business processes and your customers will continue to have a seamless experience.

Aims of Data Governance

  Minimizing risk

  Establishing rules for data usage

  Implement compliance

  Improvement in communication

  Facilitate administration of data assets

  Cost reduction

  Increase in value of data assets

  Continued business operations through risk management and optimization

Benefits of data governance

  Business decisions at different levels becomes easier because of data consistency

  IT becomes agile and scalable because there are now clear rules for data management

  Reduced costs, improved efficiency because of ability to reuse data and processes

  Improved compliance with regulations, better overall business outcomes

Data Management Tools, Technologies, and building an Enterprise Data Platform

There are several management tools and technologies in the market. At Connects Technologies, our primary role is to identify and implement the tools and technologies that are best suited for your business processes.

Enterprise Data Platform aggregates data from your core business applications into a uniform structure and context. The EDP helps to give a consolidated view of all your business data which then enables you to do custom analytics to enhance your business outcomes.

There are several Data Management Tools and technologies to choose from based on your unique requirements. At Connects we are well-versed in several technologies including data visualization system like Power BI which also allows you to get advanced analytics and also AI capabilities to truly leverage the power of your business data.

The data your business generates, is the key to your business success. Get in touch with us, today, for your data management requirements!

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