Transformative Digital Services

We help your business become digital through complete and seamless transformation of your business processes via some of the best in class strategies for automation and digitization

Robotics Process Automation – RPA

  Configure computer software to do the same things as humans do when interacting with digital systems

  Error free


  Low cost business transformation

  Almost no disruption to existing systems

  Led by business, supported by IT

Application Modernization

Connects Technologies is your best option when you are looking to modernize your application landscape. Modernization involves updating older software to new computing approaches. We help you include new languages, new frameworks and new infrastructure without disrupting your business services.

Our key modernization strategies include:

  Cloud computing



  Orchestration of containers

  Automation of business processes

Why modernizing your applications is more sensible than retiring them?

  Less cost

  Less productivity loss

  Less retraining involved

  Less disruption to core business services

  Your mission-critical applications are not impacted adversely

  Get more value out of what you have Application Landscape optimization and consolidation Connects Technologies helps your business develop frameworks for optimizing and consolidating your application portfolios. Optimization and consolidation helps reduce your operating costs significantly.

Application optimization

 Map your application landscape

 Assess the value-to-risk gaps of applications

 Identify how much can be reduced

 Along with business develop and execute strategies for reduction

 Reduce, remove redundancies

Application Consolidation

 Identify what all needs to be consolidated – including email, applications, databases

 Along with you, we develop the best consolidation strategy

 Identify the suite we will use for the consolidation

 Help you with any training that is required

Why optimize and consolidate?

Cost savings is the biggest factor. You will see significant reduction in operating costs provided you implement the strategy that suits your business best. How can you ensure that? Let Connects Technologies develop these strategies for you!

IoT strategy and implementation

Internet of things (IoT) refers to the billions of devices and objects that are now connected to the internet which are embedded with software with the purposes of connecting and exchanging data with devices and systems over the internet.

IoT enables businesses to provide support services for these connected products which means a new revenue stream for your business.

Let Connects Technologies be your partner in setting up your Internet of Things (IoT) frameworks. Our expertise will ensure that your frameworks deliver exactly the business outcomes that you are looking for.

Why IoT?

Because IoT can help you get the information you need to add a revenue stream to your business with relative ease:

 Internet is now nearly available everywhere

 Costs are low – you only provide the service (infrastructure is already there on the internet)

 Extraordinary volume and depth of data analytics is possible

Connects Technologies provides best-in-class advisory and implementation services for your IoT streams. We thoroughly understand your business before we plan how to get you on board IoT. Our strategies are for the long-term and we will ensure that you are not adversely impacted by the growing IoT market.

Trust Connects Technologies to be your digital partner in transforming and putting your business on the digital map. We bring expertise, experience and in-depth analysis capabilities to help you grow your business.

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