Connects Technologies is a frontrunner in providing a wide range of Digital Transformation Information Technology (IT) services including Enterprise Architecture Services, Automation, Application, and web development services, mobile app development services, IoT services, Transformation and Optimization services, Data Management services like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, Data Science. We are also a leading service provider for all your infrastructure and security services. It includes cloud computing services, data center management solutions, and much more.

As a Dubai-based company, Connects Technologies provides its range of IT services including Internet of Things, web development, app development, mobile app and web development, and Cloud services to clients across the Middle East region.

Our technologies range from Power BI for data analytics, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, Smartail, UiPath for robotics automation, and a range of the latest and best in business.

Connects Technologies is the best-in-class service provider partner for your digital transformation process because we provide:

  Data-driven approach

  Proven efficacy in solutions

  Customized, tailormade solutions

  Cost-effective solutions

  Innovative solutions

  Out-of-the-box strategies for maximum cost-benefit

  Transparent processes

  Services that benefit your business processes

Our turnkey digital transformation services include:

  Robotics Process Automation

  Artificial Intelligence

  Cloud services

  Transformation and Optimization

  Web development

  Mobile app and web development

  App development

  Enterprise Architecture Solutions


Our approach to your digital modernization:

  Assess the as-is systems

  Prepare a full assessment of the as-is landscape

  Work with you to develop the most optimized strategy for you

  You are always part of our planning and implementation processes

  All solutions are tailor-made for your unique business needs

  Help you transform your business with minimum loss to your existing processes

  Seamless, hassle-free transformation

Get in touch with Connects Technologies today for a quote and consultation. Connects Technologies – your trusted digital makeover partner for Dubai and UAE.

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